The Chairman of a leading opposition political party in Nigeria, Allied People’s Movement, (APM), Alhaji Mamman Yusuf Dantalle, has called on the political elites, especially the ruling class, to be fair and just in their dealings with Nigerians.

Alhaji Yusuf Dantalle gave the charge in Abuja in his message to mark the commencement of Ramadan fast/prayers, as one of the five pillars of lslamic injuctions being observed by Muslim faithfuls all over the world.
He explained that Nigerians needed justice, fairness and equity to co-exist happily among themselves without fear of hatred, or acrimony and bitterness.

Yusuf Dantalle argued that in the absence of justice, fairness and equity, there can’t be peace in the society, noting that preaching of peace when there is a high level of discrimination in the distribution of nation’s resources is a mere illusion.

According to him, when people are living below poverty line or when people are earning wages that cannot sustain them and their families, there won’t be peace.
” lf we can’t guarantee them the basic necessity of life in the midst of plenty, there won’t be peace in the land” he explained.

“As long as injustice is prevailing, pursuit of peace is mere a slogan” he said.
He condemned the introduction of plea bargain into our judicial system, which allows those who loot our common wealth to return a fraction, while armed robbers that stole far less were clamped into jail, thereby making mockery of the Nigerian jurisprudence and law.

The APM National Chairman therefore charged those in authority to have the fear of God by being just and fair in allowing the people to choose their representatives without interference or lure them with money to buy their votes.
” Do not use public resources to buy people’s conscience, because you have already conditioned them to be poor” he warned.

Alhaji Dantalle enjoined all Muslim faithfuls to sincerely practice the teachings of Islam as it relates to Ramadan so that the world would be a better place for us all to live, insisting that equity, fairness and justice are ingredients of peace.

As he puts it, “without justice, there won’t be peace and without peace, there won’t be development in the society”.

Speaking on his party’s revalidation exercise, Alhaji Yusuf Dantalle urged all the youths to embrace the exercise and register by picking up APM membership forms across the country in order to get registered and be eligible to contest for any elective positions.